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3 Social Media Tips for Your Travel Blog

social media travel blog

Have a Travel Blog?

All type of bloggers needs to harness the power of social media to promote their blog. Travel bloggers certainly need to keep this in mind as well. After all, your blog will not become famous unless you put in the work to promote it. From giveaways to promo codes and social shares, social media offers lots of cool ways to interact with your audience that a conventional blog doesn’t. The following article will look at this subject material in more detail by providing social media tips for your travel blog.

1. Guest post on other travel blogs 

Although not technically something you do on social media guest posting is a vital part of the process of making your blog famous, and it certainly has tie-ins with social media as well. The start of the process may even begin on social media as you aim at identifying other similar travel blogs that may help promote your message.

At this point, the process is to contact the owners of the blogs in question and ask them if they accept guest posts, it may also be a good idea to make some topic suggestions as well. When it comes to writing the post itself, you want to think about quality content first and promoting your site second. Promoting your website will come through an author bio at the bottom. It’s a sad point, but most people aren’t good at writing guest posts. So if you can get it right, sites will be happy to have you back again.

2. Use Instagram to showcase your travel pictures 

social media tips for travel bloggers

Instagram may not be the best social media site for web traffic. However, the platform should still play a crucial part in your overall social media strategy. Travel is in fact an essential category for Instagram, and you can use images of your travel adventures to promote your blog.

Of course, you don’t have the same opportunities to link directly to your blog with each post, but you can keep a link to your blog on your profile page. Chances are if your images are engaging enough, users will be interested in going to your profile and visit your site. Just remember to use a high number of relevant hashtags with each post to maximize exposure of your images.

3. Promote your blog posts 

Images are also often the key to generating referral traffic from your social media channels to your blog. Both Pinterest and Twitter can be great for this, and it will be hugely beneficial to build significant accounts on those platforms. Especially since things move so quickly on them, allowing you to post a lot without becoming annoying.

On Twitter, you should promote your blog posts multiple times and try out different image templates to see what works best for you. In contrast, on Pinterest, you want to create multiple boards in various categories and post into each of them regularly. Facebook is not such a good place for blog promotion. However, you can grow your account with stunning images and short videos which will divert traffic back to your site.

Hopefully, this piece has shown there is a lot more to making your travel blog famous than just some good content. The reality is to have a successful travel blog it takes a solid strategy with a lot of time and effort. Therefore, remember to guest post on other similar travel blogs, use Instagram to share your travel images and to promote your blog posts on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.